Monthly Archives: April 2011

Leadership 500: Ensuring the Promise of Progress

Omar Woodard

In its 102nd year, the NAACP moves forthrightly into the 21st Century with a new generation of leadership.  With Chairman Roslyn M. Brock and President Benjamin Todd Jealous at the helm, the NAACP is poised to re-engage young professionals on a host of issues from civil rights to wealth creation and social justice.

In addition to Chairman Brock and President Jealous, we have seen the proliferation of a new generation of African American executive leadership in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  To provide a platform for these current and future leaders to network, from May 26-29 the NAACP will host its 7th Annual Leadership 500 Summit in Hollywood, FL.  It is the NAACP’s premier conference for executives, educators, thought leaders and aspiring leaders from across the U.S.

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Teaching For Our Children: Why Low-income Communities of Color and Allies Are Calling Upon Teach For America To Evolve

Joe Rogers, Jr.

Last month, Teach For America (TFA) celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a huge summit in Washington, D.C. Thousands of TFA teachers, alumni and supporters from across the country converged on the Washington Convention Center for three days of celebrating, networking and listening to CEO and Founder Wendy Kopp articulate her vision for this much-celebrated organization’s future.

Outside the summit, a small grassroots team of concerned volunteers circulated a petition to Ms. Kopp and her senior leadership insisting that they announce the long overdue reform of TFA’s teacher preparation program in order to better ensure true educational equity and excellence for low-income students of color. Inside, TFA alumni who agreed with the petition’s aims collected additional signatures from TFA corps members, alumni and other participants. To date, nearly 750 signatures have been collected from TFAers, members of our low-income communities of color, and other advocates and allies.  The goal is to collect at least 10,000 signatures by the end of June.

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