Who Will Be the Electorate?

Hearing Both Sides: Perspectives on the NAACP NY Education Lawsuit 

The Economic Status of Black Women in America

No Cake for Me Please! Silent Protest on the Anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education

Health Care Reform and Essential Benefits

Leadership 500: Ensuring the Promise of Progress

Teaching For Our Children: Why Low-income Communities of Color and Allies Are Calling Upon Teach For America To Evolve

Claiming Our Power in the Fight Against AIDS

A Diamond for the NAACP

Healthcare for All – Injustice in a “Just” Country

School Integration: The Ongoing Civil Rights Battle

Creating Protection to Secure Your Financial Future

Egypt: A Reminder of the Power of Faith in Action

NAACP Youth & College Division Continues to Make a Difference

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  1. Hello Roslyn,

    Many thanks for taking the time to return to Northwestern and address the Kellogg class of 2012. Your words and thoughts are inspiring and your presence appreciated.

    Be well,

    James Conley, MM ’92
    Clinical Professor
    Kellogg Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

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