You Can Go Home to Canvass!

This past weekend, NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock returned to her hometown of Ft. Pierce, Florida for a Get-Out-The-Vote canvass sponsored by the NAACP and coordinated with Tamika Mallory, Executive Director at the National Action Network. Volunteers from the local chapters knocked on over 300 doors to ensure that everyone in the town was encouraged to vote on Election Day and make their voice heard.  Chairman Brock returned to her hometown because it is important to her that the people there know that their vote matters this election season.

On Election Day, please remember to go out and vote because as Chairman Brock says,  “Courage can not skip this generation!”

Watch the video below.

One response to “You Can Go Home to Canvass!

  1. Dear Ms. Brock,

    Thanks for sharing accomplishments of the NAACP. They are very formidable.

    Added to that list should be something substantive about the foreclosure crisis. The most recent action of sending out a link to the foreclosure review webpage is passive in my humble opinion. The NAACP can do better.

    Nothing has been more discriminatory and rife with racial profiling than the mortgage crisis. It has impacted Blacks and other minorities greatly. It is robbing us of the ability to create and transfer wealth. The mortgage crisis is tantamount to having the “forty acres and a mule” stolen from Blacks once again.

    I don’t have to recant for you the generations of wages stolen from Blacks through slavery, the chicanery of seeming restorative policies that robbed us during Restoration, the cheating of the Jim Crow years and the continued robbery of wages and quality of life during the now James Crow Esquire years as we don’t get jobs because we’re “not quite the right fit.”

    Can we use our collective power for economic justice?

    This report from the City of San Francisco shows the balance of justice for the homeowners is skewed.

    Here’s a report from the SF NAACP Communications Chair that shows recent action in San Francisco and includes the link the national office provides.

    And my call for a humanitarian solution to the mortgage crisis.

    We need to unify our chapters and other socials justice organizations to redress the harm brought by our financial institutions.


    Jackie Wright
    415 525 0410

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