Why Still the NAACP

L. Joy Williams

It’s time to renew my NAACP membership and without hesitation I will make my annual contribution. I’m not just one of close to 500,000 members nationwide, I also lend my time and energy by serving as first Vice-President of a local branch.

My continued service and commitment to the NAACP doesn’t come without ridicule, especially from my peers. I’ve had numerous conversations about the “relevancy” of the organization, how old the membership and mission is and why  it still uses the word “colored” in the organization’s name. A simple Google search will result in a number of blog posts and articles making the same arguments and these arguments will undoubtedly continue as long as the organization exists. So why do I make the choice to lend my time and talent to this historic organization?

No one that engages in the NAACP relevancy conversation can deny the historic accomplishments the organization has garnered in its 102 year history. It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without the hard work of the NAACP and its millions of members. But the NAACP has more than a historic past, it has a very active present.

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