A Legacy to Honor; A Dream to Achieve

By Roslyn M. Brock

On Sunday, our nation dedicated the Rev.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial on the National Mall. This momentous occasion was filled with moving tributes and great performances. However, in the wake of this dedication, we cannot help but reflect on the true legacy Dr. King left behind, the faith he had in the next generation, and the dream that we must still strive to achieve.

Without question, few shaped our culture and our nation in the 20th century more than Dr. King.  His legacy of social justice and activism has played an integral role in so much of what we take for granted today.  Without his advocacy for voting rights, people of color might still be unable to cast a ballot unfettered. If not for his work defending the poor, economic disparity in America would be far more than dire than it is today. And without Dr. King’s call for non-violence, the civil rights movement might be remembered for the bloodshed and not for its message of justice and equality.

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