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In its second century, the NAACP will continue to need effective leadership guided by the right values and broad experiences. I have been a faithful servant leader within the NAACP for twenty five years and believe the leadership opportunities I’ve been afforded within this venerable organization and the larger community have prepared me to effectively lead the NAACP National Board of Directors.

Welcome to The Brock Report. A site designed to keep you in tune with the activities of the NAACP and more specifically, the work of our Board of Directors. If you visit our features tab, you will find great pieces on civil rights issues such as health care, the economy, and education. It also highlights the connection between social justice activism and our faith-based and youth communities.

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Healthcare for All – Injustice in a “Just” Country

As we look at the climate of American society today, we find that history is unfortunately repeating itself.  In the midst of the healthcare debate, the dreadful truths of racism and classism have reared their ugly heads in ways we have not seen since the end of the modern civil rights era.

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School Integration: The Ongoing Civil Rights Battle

Racial segregation in American schools is more pronounced today than it was 40 years ago. Integrated schooling in the U.S. reached a peak in 1990, but has since then taken a steep decline to levels we haven’t seen in decades.

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Creating Protection to Secure Your Financial Future

The housing crisis of the 21st century devastated communities across the United States and the foreclosure rate skyrocketed to alarming numbers. Americans throughout the country either experienced the economic downtown indirectly or directly, but the African American community fared worse than any other racial group and are facing great challenges in regaining economic security even as the economy and labor market begins to recover. Recent data show: 1) The homeownership rate for African Americans has dropped 6% (twice the rate of any other racial group and the national average); 2) The foreclosure rate higher for African Americans than any other group at 8%[i]; 3) Mortgage lending to African Americans has dropped 60%; and 4) African Americans who are successful at securing a mortgage, often times are still paying more than White and Asian mortgage borrowers.

Egypt: A Reminder of the Power of Faith in Action

A nation and a people suffering from over 30 years of a dictator’s rule, hunger, poverty, and oppression.  That description could apply to countless places across the globe and the human condition. However, today we celebrate the fearless determination that unfolded before the eyes of the world at Liberation (Tahrir) Square, in Cairo, Egypt.

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NAACP Youth & College Division Continues to Make a Difference

“Anything is Possible”! This phrase comes to mind when I think about youth activism and involvement in 2011. Over the past several decades’ youth have consistently made change throughout the world, especially when it comes to being at the forefront of the fight for civil rights and social inequalities.

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